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 School Report Card

Bridgewater Elementary is one of the newest schools in Bonneville District No. 93. We like to think of ourselves as the baby of the family- we have good looks, great support, and we still have that brand-new smell! Actually, we have found that although our building is new, the experience and commitment to excellence is much more mature! We have a principal that isn't afraid to pop in to the first grade classes for singing, or listen to story time in kindergarten. Our secretary knows each child, and was so excited to hand out her first "I-Lost-My-Tooth-At- School" carrying case that she actually bounced into the work room to open the bag! To add a notch to our belt, our teachers, counselors and support staff are highly trained and always professional and caring! What more could a community ask for?

We are dedicated to the education of our students, their well-being and their success. A wise man once said that an education is what you have when you have forgotten everything else. At Bridgewater, we hope our students don't realize yet that we are preparing them for futures, but rather spend their time delighting in the fact that they are children who are loved and cared about. Who could ask for a better job than that of an educator, who molds our future one positive word at a time.

As this school ages, you will see the face of this web page change. You will see our school report cards, and we hope you will see the positive things that we see on a daily basis. We are excited about our Parent Teacher Organization, and hope that you too, will get involved!

We invite you, our patrons, parents, and those just mildly curious, to stop by and visit. See our excellent library, have lunch in our cafeteria, volunteer to read in a class, or just pop your head in the door and say 'hi'. We can't wait to meet you!

The Bridgewater Bulldogs


• Bridgewater had an outstanding safety night event. Presentations were made in both English and Spanish. Nearly 400 people attended. The Bridgewater staff began serving free hot dogs (supplied by Safe Routes to School money) at 6:30 to kick off the evening’s events. The Safe Routes money is a grant that Mr. Bliesner wrote. We had two primary sessions “Operation Life Saver” presented by the Bonneville Co. Sheriff, and “Abduction Prevention” presented by the ATA martial arts group. We had a district ESL interpreter as well as a Sheriff Deputy that translated for our Spanish speaking parents. Bonneville Co. Sheriff also conducted iris scans as part of the anti-abduction piece – they stayed until 9:30 ensuring that every family had the opportunity participate in this nice safety feature.

For the final assembly we gave away several passes to the Paramount, the Aquatic Center, free lessons for Tae Kwon Doe, and a brand new BMX bike with helmet and lock. Again, the final prizes were courtesy of the grant. In addition channel 3 and 8 were here and conducted interviews.
• Wow!! The ESL kindergarten at our school showed phenomenal growth on the IRI. On the fall IRI, none of the students scored a 3, 23% got a 2, and 77% received a 1. But with a year of hard work by teachers and students, that changed in the spring. 77% of the students got a 3, 13% got a 2, and only 10% got a 1. Way to go!
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